Koncar delivers two 100 MVA transformers to power plant in Sweden

Jul 10, 2017
Posted by Staff

Croatian power transformer manufacturer Koncar D&ST has announced it has delivered two power transformers to the Minninge hydro power plant located in Nykoping, Sweden.

The client, Vattenfall Eldistribution, is a government owned utility and one of the top three producers and distributors of electrical energy in Sweden.

According to Koncar, these are the first two transformers with the rated power of 100 MVA and the voltage level of 170 kV manufactured by D&ST.

The manufacturer used a new high-voltage laboratory which enables the testing of medium power transformers with the maximum rated power of 100 MVA and the maximum system voltage of 170 kV.

A total of 12 power transformers with the combined rated power of 174,9 MVA were delivered to the same client last year, and an additional 12 medium power transformers with the total rated power of 399,5 MVA are to be delivered in 2017 and 2018.

Source, photo: Koncar


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