How to reduce noise in power transformers?

Sep 27, 2017
Posted by Staff

T&D industry trends and requirements have created high demand for low noise equipment with a good long-term performance.

It is very often said that “just putting some rubber” to isolate structures creates an inefficient or even a vibration isolation problem, that fails to take into account the characteristics of the overall system; such as media environment and temperature, material stiffness adjusted to the application load, surface area, material transmissibility, as well as pad design techniques, such as shape factor conformity – which is fundamental to ensure the selection of a good anti-vibration material and consequent noise reduction.

Amorim Cork Composites, as a worldwide supplier to the T&D Power Industry, has invested in R&D, established its VC (Vibration Control) product range and successfully implemented noise reduction solutions through vibration control.

On October 12th our experts will be live on Youtube to share their knowledge about this hot topic. If you want to learn more about noise reduction strategies and key calculations in vibration pad design join us now!

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