U.S. Senators: Trump’s steel tarifs “incomplete when it comes to electrical steel”

Mar 9, 2018
Posted by Staff

Three U.S. Senators have urged President Donald Trump to make electrical steel a priority in any Section 232 trade remedy.

According to, one of the Senators stated that AK Steel is unlikely to fully benefit from the remedy proposed by the president.

“We write you today to share our concerns that your proposed section 232 remedy is incomplete when it comes to electrical steel,” the senators said in their letter to Trump. “We write on behalf of a constituent company, AK Steel, which is the last domestic producer of grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES). Since the remedy, as currently constructed, does not include electrical cores and core parts, the remedy will not be effective for the domestic electrical steel market.”

“If the company doesn’t get relief, they may have to shut down the last production line in the entire country of grain-oriented electrical steel, which is a key component of the power transformers that make up our critical infrastructure,” reads the statement.

Trump announced March 1 he would levy penalties of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports.

AK Steel is the only steel manufacturer in North America that produces carbon, stainless and electrical steels.

Earlier this week, the company welcomed Trump’s announcement of tariffs on imported steels.

Photo (for illustrative purpose): Tata steel


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