AK Steel releases new electrical steel for transformers

May 31, 2018
Zureks /
Posted by Patrick Haddad

AK Steel released a new type of steel which can increase the efficiency of transformers.

The steel, called TRAN-COR X, is an upgrade on the company’s current TRAN-COR H, both of which are high permeability grain oriented electrical steel (GOES). The US company states that COR X will transformer manufacturers design to higher levels of efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to energy loss in electrical transmission and distribution.

“This product enables our customers to improve overall the overall energy efficiency of the transformers they produce.” said Roger Newport, Chief Executive Officer of AK Steel.

TRAN-COR X provides transformer manufacturers an improvement in efficiency over conventional high permeability GOES at the same thickness. This avoids the use of harder to process thinner steels and allows transformer manufacturers to maintain production efficiencies while still improving performance.

AK Steel is the only manufacturer of GOES products in North America.

Source: Nasdaq

Photo (for illustrative purposes):  Zurek / Polycrystalline structure of electrical steel / Wikipedia/ CC BY-SA 3.0


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