First Russian-built digital substation to be built in Skolkovo

Jun 6, 2018
Posted by Patrick Haddad

PJSC MOESK has unveiled the first ever digital substation to be built in Russia, in the Skolkovo district of Moscow.

The 110kv substation is designed to provide electricity to the building of an “innovation cluster”, as well as residential houses nearby.

When discussing the decision not to buy in a foreign-made switchgear, Moesk General Director Peter Sinyutin said: “Of course, such a decision required serious technical elaboration and engineering solutions, but otherwise the domestic enterprise would not have a chance to create a real Russian product.”

While the project was scheduled to take 27 months, it was completed in only 18 months and is timetabled to launch on June 30th.

Source: Gosnovosti

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Moscow City/Deensel/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0


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