Porsche unveils charging stations with a new modular transformer system

Sep 20, 2018
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Porsche has announced its plan for electric vehicle fast-charging stations: the Electric pit stop.

The German can manufacturer is participating in several different universal electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure projects, such as Electrify America and Ionity, but has now declared its own Porsche charging stations.

Porsche announced earlier this year plans to deploy a network of 500 EV charging stations in North America to coincide with the release of the Taycan, Porsche’s first foray into the EV market.

The new stations will support Porsche’s new 800-volt charging system to work with the Taycan’s 800-volt battery for more rapid charging.

The first test-station was set up in Germany and Porsche are now unveiling their plan for an easily deployable modular system.

The system consists of FlexBoxes, a new modular transformer system working with “up to 36 kilovolts”, the PowerBox, which converts alternating current from the transformer into direct current, the CoolingBox, which provides liquid cooling for the charging poles and power electronics, and finally, the charging pole itself.

Porsche designed the system to have “a distance of up to 200 meters between the transformer station and PowerBox and up to 100 meters between the PowerBox and the charging station.”

Porsche claims an efficiency of “over 95 % for the complete system.”.

For smaller spaces, Porsche says that it has something called the ComboBox, which combines the PowerBox and the CoolingBox into a single unit sufficient for a single charge point.

Porsche also developed the ChargeBox, a solution for places where the grid connection is not powerful enough.

The ChargeBox includes battery packs from 70 kWh to 140 kWh that can enable one to two 160 kW charging stations or a single combined one at 320 kW with the full 140 kWh battery pack.


Source: Electrek

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Porsche Mission E (now Taycan)/ youkeys & asmoth/ Wikimedia/ CC BY 2.0


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