Himoinsa develops transformer substation in 10ft and 20ft containers

Oct 12, 2018
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Himoinsa has developed two transformer substations packed into either 10ft or 20ft containers.

The HRS 6300 D5/6 and HRS 3150 5/6 come in 2ßft and 10ft containers, respectively, and make it possible to transform 6.3 MVA and 3.15 MVA. They use four generator sets connected in parallel to the same station and allow the operator to step the voltage up or down, depending on project requirements.

The HRS 6300 5/6 model has each 20ft container fitted with two 3,150 kVA transformers for adjusting voltage with limited space and avoids the need to connect each generator set to individual electricity transformers.

The 10ft container provides the same functionality as its larger counterpart, but connects two generator sets working in parallel with a maximum power of 3,150 kVA.

Both models incorporate a digitally-controlled transformer protection relay with measurements that are able to detect oil pressure to guarantee the safety of the substation. Both substations allow medium/low voltage connections to me made using a built-in connector set.

Source: PMV Middle East

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Himoinsa HRS substations/ Himoinsa/


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