Palisades shut down for refuelling after transformer repair

Oct 30, 2018
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The Palisades nuclear power plant has begun scheduled maintenance after being shut down for repairs to a power transformer earlier this month.

The planned outage comes just two weeks after the Michigan plant was taken offline to replace a faulty transformer and a control rod drive seal. The original fault came after a power transformer leaked around 70 gallons of oil, causing some equipment to lose power.

The refuelling and maintenance will cost around $62 million, requiring about 1,000 supplemental workers to assist the Palisades’ 600 full-time workers in completing the upgrades, inspections, and replacements during the shutdown.

The plant, owned by New Orleans-based Entergy Corp., is scheduled for permanent closure in 2022. The current refuelling and maintenance outage is the first of two before the plant is shuttered for good.


Source: The News Tribune

Photo (For illustrative purposes): Palisades Nuclear Plant/ Nuclear Regulatory Commission/ Wikimedia/ Public Domain


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