China grid to double transmission capacity to Hainan

Feb 14, 2019
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The Hainan Power Grid Co., Ltd has brought the first of four planned seabed electric cables onshore at Linshi Isle in Chengmai, a county in China’s southernmost island province of Hainan.

The 32-km-long 500-kilovolt underwater cable is the longest of it’s kind in the world and was laid across the Qiongzhou Strait from Xuwen in Guangdong Province.

The cables, to be linked with the Fushan power transformer substation in Chengmai, are scheduled to be put into operation in April.

This is the second Hainan grid interconnection project launched by China Southern Power Grid, which will help double the power transmission capacity to the island to 1.2 million kilowatts.

The project is expected to significantly reduce the risks of a massive power outage on the typhoon-prone island.

The Qiongzhou Strait has an average depth of 44 meters and a maximum of 110 meters, with complicated offshore conditions and high waves.

“We sent robots to operate underwater to avoid errors and damage to the existing cables,” said Huang Xianqiu, chief engineer of the project.


Source: XinhuaNet

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Diver Checking Underwater Protection of Cable / CTBTO / Flickr / CC BY 2.0


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