Power transformer failure impacts commuter rail services in Connecticut

Apr 2, 2019
Posted by Patrick Haddad

A power transformer that serves Metro North’s New Haven Line in Connecticut failed, causing delays to the service.

Metro-North said the line was experiencing delays “due to the loss of one of the two transformers at Sasco Creek substation in the vicinity of Green’s Farms.”

The issue delayed trains by as much as 30 minutes Friday near the Southport and Green’s Farms stations. Gov. Ned Lamont said trains were operating at 50 percent of their normal electrical powers.

Metro-North said it was substituting diesel service for some of its scheduled trains.

Repairs could take months, Lamont said. The governor said, “failure is emblematic of why the state needs to take proactive steps to modernize Connecticut’s ageing infrastructure.”

The transformer that failed was about 40 years old, Lamont said. He says tolls are the best way to raise money for the repairs

“We can’t sit around and say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ We gotta get ahead of this,” said Lamont.

According to an MTA tweet, issues began around 4 a.m. for customers on the New Haven Line.

Department Of Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti says there will be personnel working 24-7 to get this fixed. He says if nothing gets done, the line will go from one potential disaster to another.


Source: News12 Connecticut 

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Metro North Railroad train at Bronxville / Trxr4kds / Wikimedia / Public Domain


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