New GEORG solutions in automatic core stacking for power transformers

May 8, 2019
Posted by Staff

Facing the increasing demand for automation in core stacking and intra-logistic solutions the GEORG engineers are proud to present standard setting solutions.

The newly developed GEORG precisioncut TBA400 robotline allows the automatic cutting and stacking of up to eight complete (closed) or open transformer cores simultaneously at a minimum manual workforce and is available in various levels of output – from basic version up to high speed configuration.

Features like the GEORG core editor aim for highest degree of automation in transformer core production and various logistic concepts support the downstream core handling process using for example driverless vehicles.

The new offline stacking system GEORG autostack 400 is a product developed in close cooperation between GEORG and GÜDEL. This highly automated system incorporates an interface to GEORG core cutting lines and an integrated data management for core production.

The direct data transfer from the cutting line to the autostack makes an integration into the smart production environment at our customer very easy.

More and more transformer manufacturers invest in automatic core production as a view in the GEORG assembly hall in March 2019 proves



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