Collett & Sons deliver 170 tonne transformer

May 13, 2019
Posted by Patrick Haddad

British logistics firm Collett & Sons has successfully delivered a 170-tonne transformer to Eaton Socon Substation.

The 170 tonne Hyundai transformer initially arrived at Port Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire before being transported to St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The 8.6m L x 4.91m W x 4.75m H cargo was transferred from the hold of the vessel to a Scheuerle girder bridge and the 66m long, 4.8m high loaded combination travelled under Lincolnshire Police escort on to the A17.

Throughout the 78 mile route, the cargo travelled through Long Sutton, Holbeach, Spalding, Peterborough, Stilton and Alconbury before arriving late afternoon at the Eaton Socon Substation entrance. Taking into account the 42.5m rigid length of the vehicle, the Collett & Sons team undertook extensive swept path analysis and street furniture removal requirements to ensure the safe passage of the convoy.

With all this comprehensive preparation taking place ahead of the project the loaded girder bridge safely navigated the route, with additional circumnavigation and reversing manoeuvres employed at the highlighted pinch points.

With all this in-depth planning in place, the 170 Tonne cargo arrived at the Eaton Socon installation site for final installation.

Once at the site entrance, the pre-positioned trackway allowed for access to the substation grounds for delivery. With the girder bridge in position, the Collett Heavy Lift Team completed jacking & skidding operations to manoeuvre the 170 Tonne transformer to the awaiting plinth.

The 170 Tonne transformer will form part of the connection between the Eaton Socon and Little Barford Substations. The overall project will see equipment from the 1960’s replaced which, in turn, will increase the capacity and help better secure the supply of electricity to homes and businesses in the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire areas.


Source: Collett & Sons Press release

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Collett & Sons, Eaton Socon substation 1 / Collett & Sons  / With Permission


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