Egypt and Saudi agree to timetable for electric grid link

Jun 25, 2019
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have agreed to set a timetable for the implementation of the electricity link project between the two countries.

According to government sources, intensive meetings were held over the past two months to follow-up on the technical parts of amending the tracks of the Saudi land link. This is after amending it for the implementation of the Neom project.

A consultant will be chosen to carry out the maritime survey of the submarine cable tracks before the end of August.

The sources added that the next meeting between officials from Egypt and Saudi Arabia will see an agreement on the implementation timetable, awarding standing tenders, and setting a deadline for the pilot phase operation.

The first quarter of 2020 will see the first phase of the project.

The sources pointed out that the tender offered earlier included different routes and other locations. In view of the implementation of the project, Neom, the tracks of the electrical connection line have been modified, which necessitates a tender with new specifications.

The project connects the two power networks in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to a 500kV transformer from the Badr transformer substation in Egypt to a transfer station east of Medina, through the Tabuk station in Saudi Arabia with a length of 1,300km, of which 820km in Saudi Arabia and 480km in Egyptian land.

The total cost of the project was $1.6bn but after adjusting the tracks and changing the prices of the electrical tasks, the total value of the implementation of the electricity interconnection between Egypt and Saudi Arabia will reach $2.5bn.

Egypt started negotiations with Saudi Arabia in 2010 to establish an energy exchange project between the two countries. However, due to political events, the project was postponed more than once. Regardless, negotiations resumed once again with the support of the current political leadership in the two countries.


Source: Utilities

Photo (for illustrative purposes): High Voltage Power Line / Hans D.Buchner / Pixabay / Free for commercial use


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