New Black & Veatch regional leader targets expanding Asian grids

Jul 12, 2019
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Global engineering firm Black & Veatch’s new Asian regional leader Narsingh Chaudhary has said they aim to bring focus to integrated conventional, renewable, distributed generation and the power grid.

Governments across Asia are looking to innovations in generation, transmission and distribution technologies to fulfil their energy transition ambitions.

At the core of the energy transition is the need to address the increasing power demand that follows rapid population and economic growth along with the continued need for conventional power sources.

“Regional governments are making good progress in supplying affordable and reliable energy for their population as they also implement emerging technologies to offer more sustainable solutions. With global and regional experience in generation, transmission and distribution technologies, Black & Veatch is helping regional leadership identify integrated power infrastructure possibilities as they re-balance their energy portfolios to meet universal electrification and carbon emission reduction goals,” says Narsingh Chaudhary, Black & Veatch’s newly-appointed Executive Vice President, Asia Power Business. Chaudhary added that while this transition occurs governments have not lost sight of the need to bring power to rural and remote areas.

An integrated power infrastructure takes advantage of different generation, transmission and distribution technologies to help utilities overcome the pitfalls of aging infrastructure assets while meeting rising customer demand for energy that is renewable and reliable. The right energy portfolio mix offers improved operation efficiencies.

Chaudhary leads Black & Veatch Power teams in Asia, including India, where the company service offerings include conventional, renewable, and distributed power generation, transmission and distribution, microgrids, and behind the meter services.

Source: Yahoo

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Power Lines in Nature / Daniel X. O’Neil  / Flickr / CC BY 2.0


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