First of five Dutch offshore substations completed

Sep 9, 2019
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Construction has been completed on the first large offshore “socket”, or substation, that will connect 700 MW of energy from wind turbines in the North Sea to the Dutch mainland.

The Borssele Alpha substation, which cost €400 million to build, is the first of five of the same model platforms which state-owned grid company TenneT IPO-TTH.AS plans to install by 2023 as part of efforts to meet Dutch renewable energy goals.

The Netherlands, which generated about 15% of its electricity needs from biomass, wind and solar sources in 2018, currently has 1 GW of installed offshore wind.

That total is expected to increase quickly from 2020 as 1.5 GW of new windpower comes on line off the coast near Borssele, equivalent to about 2.5% of national electricity use.

From 2022 the country expects to add roughly 1 GW of offshore wind capacity per year for a decade.

Source: Reuters

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Rampion Wind Farm / Dominic Alves / Flickr / CC BY 2.0


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