Doble releases new transformer monitor

Mar 12, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Doble Engineering Company, a leader in power grid diagnostic solutions and subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., has released the Calisto™ T1, an all-in-one condition monitoring system that encapsulates the functionality of three high-performing monitors.

The new instrument gives power and utility companies a configurable, cost-effective offering for avoiding transformer failure and ensuring overall grid reliability.

The Calisto™ T1 allows organizations to build from a single component all the way out to a comprehensive transformer monitor. Users can choose to incorporate up to three of the following condition monitoring tools and also link to Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitors:

  • The best-in-class IDD Bushing Monitor, with relative and true power factor (PF) and harmonic analysis to quickly identify, diagnose and act on deterioration and insulation abnormalities.
  • The iO Multi-Function Data Recorder, a flexible and networkable device that captures, displays and monitors data from any commonly available sensor or module. Dashboards can be accessed via a mobile device or PC independent of cloud connection.
  • The PD-Guard™ Partial Discharge (PD) Monitor, designed to continuously monitor PD in critical and high-risk assets—transformers, rotating machines, cables and switchgear. With built-in detection, advanced diagnostics and data visualization options, the device enables early and quick intervention at the first signs of failure.

“We’re committed to going beyond raw numbers to give power and utility companies the context and insights they need to make critical decisions quickly,” said Tony McGrail, solutions director at Doble Engineering Company. “The Calisto™ T1 is designed with a highly intuitive, web-based user interface and advanced algorithms that support collaborative, timely investigations and problem solving without having to install proprietary software.”

Source: Cision PR Newswire

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Doble Calisto T1 / Doble


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