Saudi GE Grid Solutions facility maintains operations throughout COVID-19

May 7, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The GE Grid Solutions Khobar Integration Facility (KIF) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia has helped mitigate logistics delays caused by COVID-19.

The KIF plant, which can produce up to 1,400 cabinets a year, is one of several GE manufacturing, monitoring and servicing facilities operating in the Kingdom that support the aims of Saudi Vision 2030 to increase and diversify localized manufacturing.

Among the items the facility produces are feeder protection panels, transformer protection panels, automatic voltage regulator panels, signals SAS I/O module panels, and automation common alarm panels. These panels are then built into 2.2m long cabinets.

One of the essential roles these cabinets play is to protect crucial substation equipment such as transformers against faults, short circuits and natural events such as a lightning strike.

Second, they provide communication and control functions that connect grid operators to substation operations, enabling remote monitoring of equipment and performance, and remote implementation of changes as necessary.

The global shipping delays resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic reinforces a key benefit of establishing the facility in the Kingdom: GE Grid Solutions is able to offer on-time delivery, while ensuring the highest quality, to its local customers. At the same time, the plant supports the Saudi manufacturing sector through the broader local supply chain ecosystem.

GE’s high-quality protection and control cabinets also contribute to the development of a reliable and robust power transmission infrastructure, which supports the Kingdom’s priorities and economic development goals.

Upcoming shipments of cabinets to international customers also mean that the GE Grid Solutions facility contributes to Saudi Arabia’s exports growth and its diversification, which is a key aim of Vision 2030.

Source: Saudi Gazette

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Welding Industry / Emir Krasic / Pixabay / Free for commercial


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