ABB Power Grids and Stena Recycling to cooperate on transformers

Jun 10, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

ABB Power Grids and Stena Recycling, Sweden, have signed a long-term cooperation agreement on recycling of transformers.

The collaboration, which also includes joint design work for smart recycling of new transformers, is an important step on the road to circular economy in a sustainable society.

ABB Power Grids in Sweden took another step on the road towards a more circular way of working, when together with Stena Recycling it extended its holistic approach for design and recycling of transformers.

“At ABB Power Grids, we are committed to sustainable development. We are happy that with our collaboration with Stena Recycling, we are able to offer our customers a sustainable solution for transformer recycling with a much reduced carbon footprint,” said Bruno Melles, Managing Director of ABB Power Grids Transformers Business Line.

Each year around 200 power transformers are sold on the Swedish market. Most of them replace an old transformer. With Stena recycling, ABB Power Grids will undertake the disposal of old transformers, reusing or recycling about 99 percent of the material as per Stena’s recycling guidelines. This will comprise 64% material recycling, 35% clean, low carbon incineration for energy and the balance 1% as scrap. Almost all the recycling will be done locally in Sweden itself.

“We can recycle all types of transformers; size, brand, oil filled or dry, it does not matter. Through our large network of facilities and specialist knowledge, we offer professional help in waste issues across the country. Thanks to our geographical spread and local presence, we create the conditions for efficient logistics and handling with the least possible environmental impact,” says Fredrik Pettersson, CEO Stena Recycling.

Source: ABB

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Image courtesy of ABB


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