TenneT selects Engie Fabricom and Iemants for Hollandse Kust Noord transformer station

Jun 10, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

A consortium of the Belgian companies ENGIE Fabricom and Iemants have been selected to supply the offshore platform for the Hollandse Kust (North) wind farm.

TenneT had put out a tender for this. The tender also includes the option for the Hollandse Kust (west alpha) and Hollandse Kust (west beta).

A wind farm with a total installed capacity of at least 693 MW to a maximum of 760 MW will be built in the Hollandse Kust (north) wind zone. The contract is for the design, engineering, production, delivery, transport and installation of an (unmanned) offshore platform.

It concerns both the jacket foundation and the topside. The topside will measure 47 m (l) x 35 m (w) x 25 m (h) high (excluding antenna tower and top deck crane) and will weigh around 4,100 tons. The weight of the jacket is approximately 1,930 tons. On the platforms, the 66 kV voltage of the future wind turbines will be converted into 220 kV. The platform is connected to the land by two 3-wire 220 kV AC export cables and where necessary 1-wire 220 kW land cables.

The platform is the standardised 700 MW offshore connection concept introduced by TenneT. TenneT is building 5 identical platforms for the 2023 programme, which will transport a total of 3500 MW of wind energy to the mainland.

The contract is for the platform for Hollandse Kust (north), with the option for Hollandse Kust (west alpha) and Hollandse Kust (west beta).

Source: TenneT

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Image courtesy of TenneT


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