New 220kV substation built in Baku

Jun 26, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Azerbaijan’s largest electric producer Azerenergy has built a new 220/110/10 kilovolt substation in the country’s capital Baku.

The new substation, named Boyukshor”, has been built in a bid to keep up with the rapid development of social, economic, industrial and other spheres in Baku and adjacent settlements, as well as the growing demand for electricity among the population.

Moreover, substation is designed to provide power to 110 kilovolt substations located in the north of the capital, and to reduce the load on the existing 220 kilovolt substations in the capital, thus preventing accidents, reducing losses, increasing stability and reliability.

In order to avoid the environmental impact, to protect the environment and to take up less space, three transformers of 250 megawatts have been built on the Boyukshor substation.

The substation will be connected to a SCADA remote control system.

It should be noted that until recently only five 220-kilovolt substations operated in Baku, four of which have already reached their resource level. Over the past two years, two closed substations were built in the territory of Boyukshor and Shimal power plants, bringing the number of 220 kilovolt substations to seven.

At the same time, reconstruction of the two out of four 220-kilovolt substations has been completed and the remaining two will be completed in the coming months.

Source: Today.Az

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Baku panorama / Faik Nagiyev / Pixabay / Free for commercial use


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