SGB-SMIT reduce no-load losses with top electrical steel

Jul 20, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The SGB-SMIT Group has gained unique access to electrical steel of grade M070-23P, the top grade in the electrical steel sector, which will allow them to produce transformers with lower no-load losses.

By using this top grade, SGB-SMIT can keep no-load losses by a further 10% lower than all other conventional electrical steel available on the world market without negatively affecting productivity.

In contrast to conventionally used steel grades, which for example have a loss value of 1.2 W/kg at 1.7 T and 50 Hz, this value is only slightly more than half as high, namely 0.7 W/kg at 1.7 T and 50 Hz. Even the previous standard grades in the 0.23 mm thickness range generally provide a loss value of at least 0.8 W/kg.

For the same size, a transformer produced with this material has significantly lower no-load loss values and thus achieves increased efficiency.

Conversely, for a given loss target, transformers can be produced with a smaller size and less weight, since comparatively less core material is required to achieve the target values.

Source: SGB-SMIT

Photo courtesy of SGB-SMIT


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