Qing Yu HV transmission line transformers complete trial run

Sep 15, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The transformers for Qing-Yu high voltage project have been put into operation by Bao Chang Electric.

The 750kV Qingning and Qingta lines of the 800kV Qing Yu Extra High Voltage Project Qingnan Interchange Station completed their 24-hour trial operation and were put into operation smoothly.

Since the commissioning, six sets of 750 kV station transformers independently developed and manufactured by Bao Chang Electric have been running normally. This marks the formal opening of the two 750 kV power supply channels at Hainan converter station and lays a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the world’s first ultra-high voltage channel project for clean energy transmission.

BPCE undertook the manufacturing of a total of 28 sets of transformers and 6 sets of 750 kV AC transformers for the Hainan station of the Qing Yu high-voltage DC transmission project of the State Grid Corporation of China. Among them, 7 sets of high end transformers and 2 sets of 750kV AC transformers required for the Qinghai side of the project were assembled and tested at the Xining maintenance base.

In order to ensure the successful completion of the project’s AC power transmission system commissioning and put into operation, Bao Chang Electric and the State Grid of Qinghai Electric Power Company field technicians and electrical construction units, carefully organized, the installation, commissioning and put into operation of the program for full scientific proof, organized professionals to conduct a number of simulation exercises to ensure that each link is accurate.

Qinghai-Hainan transfer station is the starting point of the world’s first ultra-high-voltage channel for clean energy transmission, and is the first ultra-high-voltage project co-located with China’s 800 kV transfer station and 750 kV substation, with an altitude of 2880 meters above sea level.

The 750kV Qingta line and Qingning line are the two transmission lines connected to Hainan converter station. The smooth operation of these two lines has formed a loop power grid of 750kV Tara substation – Xining substation – Hainan converter station, and Hainan converter station has access to a continuous and stable power supply.

It is understood that the project is expected to be put into operation after the annual transmission of electricity to central China 40 billion kilowatt hours, which promotes the transformation of Qinghai Province energy resource advantages into economic advantages, but also to solve the problem of electricity shortage in central China, to promote energy clean low-carbon transformation and development and promote energy conservation and emission reduction is of great significance.

Source: Baoding Tianwei Baiban Electric

Photo courtesy of BTBE / news


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