Massive transformer en route to Welsh substation

Sep 21, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

A 128-tonne transformer has begun it’s journey aross Wales on to it’s ultimate destination at Trawsfynydd Substation.

It begain the overland leg of it’s journey at Black Rock Sands, where a 330m temporary trackway had been laid out on the beach ready for the transformer’s arrival by 80m barge.

It had been due to be delivered to Gwynedd by barge arrive earlier this month, but was postponed following severe weather.

A 10m wide corridor has been cordoned off for the trackway with two walkways for pedestrians to cross. Vehicle access to the beach will be via Beach Road.

The route, with rolling road closures, is as follows: depart Black Rock Sands; turn right onto High Street; continue onto Britannia Terrace; continue onto A487; continue onto A470; arrive at Trawsfynydd Substation.

Source: Cambrian News

Photo (for ilustrative purposes): Mammoet UK Ltd


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