Yunnan Electric delivers new 220kV transformer in traction substation

Oct 21, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

China’s Yunnan Electric has successfully delivered a 220kV intelligent traction transformer to the Xiongan traction substation.

The transformer is part of the new Beijing-Xiong intercity railway currently under construction. Yunnan are responsble for manufacturing 10 traction transformers and 14 autotransformers for the whole line. In September 2019, the Beijing section (Beijing West Station to Daxing Airport Station) was opened for operation.

Currently, the Hebei section (Daxing Airport Station to Xiongan Station) is in the sprint stage and is expected to be opened to traffic by the end of 2020.

The Xiongan 220kV traction substation, with a total construction area of 7778.43 square meters and an underground structure, is the first sunken traction substation in China’s railways and the largest traction substation in China’s housing construction area.

Four main transformers successfully passed five impact closing tests, marking the completion of the full energization of the Beijing-Xiong intercity railway and providing a solid guarantee for the scheduled commissioning.

Source and image courtesy of: Yunnan Transformer Electric


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