Hidroelectrica completes modernisation of two substations

Oct 23, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Romanian utility Hidroelectrica has completed the final acceptance tests at the end of the modernisation works of the 110 kV transformation substations that serve Voila HPP and Vistea HPP.

The works, with a total value of around $310,000 ($133,000 for the 110 kV Voila substation and $164,000 for the 110 kV Vistea substation) are part of Hidroelectrica’s investment objective “Modernization of 110 kV substations on the Upper Olt Sector” and were executed in accordance with the approved execution schedule.

The two subtations, which are entering a new life and operation cycle as a result of the modernisations, have benefited from installation works of new 110 kV equipment, construction works, execution of secondary circuits and new installations.

“We are satisfied with the fact that the modernization works of the 110 kV substations are being carried out without delays and we can thus follow closely the execution schedule that we have proposed for this year. Every step counts, every modernization or refurbishment brings an extra operational safety and the certainty that our objectives will respond promptly to the requests of the National Energy System and will be available for many years from now. ” – said Bogdan Badea, Chairman of Hidroelectrica’s Management Board.

Source: Hidroelectrica

Photo (for illustrative purposes) Highvoltage / Erich Westendarp / Pixabay / Free for commercial use


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