Next level protection against power transformer air leaks

Oct 29, 2020
Posted by Staff

Monitoring and confirming proper sealing against ambient air ingress is crucial to maximizing your power transformer’s lifespan. Oxygen ingress will age its solid insulation prematurely — especially the paper within the transformer’s windings. But detecting oxygen in transformer oil has always been a tricky business. Until now.

Problems with traditional methods

With the industry increasingly using sealed transformer designs, the issue of air leaks as a source of oxygen has only grown in importance. This is where traditional oxygen measurement methods have failed.

Oxygen require regular replacement and if there is an oxygen-consuming reaction inside the transformer, simply measuring O2 will give a false indication of the transformer’s condition.

And  because a sealed transformer’s oil isn’t saturated to ambient air at a constant nitrogen-oxygen ratio — calculating nitrogen / oxygen values from O2 levels doesn’t work at all.

Advanced DGA monitoring with total gas pressure.

The easiest way to reliably detect air leaks is to monitor the total pressure of all dissolved gases in oil. It’s a groundbreaking way to detect, in real time, in a very early phase any air leaks into a sealed power transformer’s tank.

In case of air ingress, the largest portion of gases would be nitrogen and oxygen. With an advanced DGA monitor such as Vaisala OPT100, both can be completely extracted from oil, due to their poor solubility. A leak can be identified this way because the nitrogen value would both dominate and increase over time as it is neither formed nor consumed in the transformer.

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