SGB-SMIT complete tests on 124 MVA transformer

Nov 24, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

SGB-SMIT have successfully completed the final heat run tests on a 124 MVA furnace transformer, the largest transformer from SGB Regensburg so far.

A customer of SGB Regensburg, who builds plants for metal extraction, ordered a furnace transformer with performance data at a new top level. With 124 MVA on the data sheet, this furnace transformer is the largest and strongest from SGB Regensburg to date. At the same time, a transformer with a capacity of 27 MVA for a ladle furnace was ordered for the same plant – in such a furnace the steel is refined and the optimum casting temperature is set.

In November, the 124 MVA furnace transformer passed all tests including the heat run test at the Regensburg test field and is now ready to be picked up by the customer in November. At the beginning of 2021, the transformer – together with the ladle furnace transformer – will be assembled at its place of use under the supervision of SGB.

An electric arc furnace such as the one used in steel production can reach temperatures of up to 3,500° C – which means extremely high energy consumption. If, for example, new steel is to be obtained from the melting down of steel scrap, outputs of up to over 1 MVA per ton of material used are required. And that permanently: the electric arc (or arcs in AC arc furnaces) for heating the material is maintained for up to over an hour. The supplying furnace transformers must be correspondingly powerful and reliable.

Source and image courtesy of: SGB-SMIT


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