Siemens technology used in Sarajevo substation upgrade

Dec 14, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

CET Energy have installed Siemens’ Ruggedcom technology in the Sarajevo 10 substation as part of a large upgrade.

To address issues of instability and ensure the reliability of the Sarajevo 10 substation, the transmission system owner, Elektroprijenos BiH contracted with the leading local systems integrator, CET Energy Ltd. to perform an ambitious slew of upgrades.

The goal of the project was to build an extremely stable, fail-safe network. Therefore upgrading and integrating existing protection and control devices with a new, redundant Scada system, as also the installation of two new power transformers and new switchgear should take place.

To accomplish this project and build a highly robust network tolerant to chronic outages, a redundant, fiber-based data communication network supported by managed Ethernet switches with a successful track record from Ruggedcom, the Siemens line of rugged network components, was built.

The main requirement of the client was to keep the original substation running throughout the rebuild, until a new system was up and functioning, as also to ensure that the upgrade would result in power reliability for Industrial Zone Rajlovac.

The project also required tying together all protection and control devices within the substation using a reliable, standards-based, data communication network, then connecting the substation data network to Elektroprijenos BiH’s operations center.

Maintaining the substation’s power to the industrial zone while upgrading its protection and control devices, a redundant network was designed with fiber optic cables laid in underground tunnels below the substation connected with managed Ethernet switches that could support capacities for current as well as future needs. 

Source and image courtesy of: Siemens


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