Trafo sees increase in dry-type transformer orders

Dec 24, 2020
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Trafo Power Solutions has reported an overall increase in orders of it’s dry-type power transformers, notably coming from mining operations.

“Our contract pipeline is a clear demonstration of the market’s confidence in dry-type transformers, especially for indoor applications, hazardous areas, remote locations and demanding outdoor environments,” says David Claassen, MD of Trafo Power Solutions.

Recent orders have included a specialised 3900 kVA unit for a large coal mine in Limpopo province.

With a primary voltage of 11 kV, this dry-type transformer delivers through four different secondaries of 1810 V, 1500 V, 1400 V and 1200 V.

To operate reliably in the dusty outdoor location, it is installed in an IP54-rated enclosure and cooled using air to air heat exchangers

Even during the Covid-19 lockdown, supply from the company has continued.

Two 2000 kVA dry-type transformers were installed in a modular substation for a diamond mine expansion in Sierra Leone.

Trafo Power Solutions also recently supplied Africa’s largest liquified natural gas (LNG) project, under construction in northern Mozambique.

Eighteen dry-type transformers are already on site, inside modular substations for the project’s first construction camp of about 9,500 contractors.

Also being supplied are 20 specialised dry-type transformers for the project’s gas plant.

“We have been active in many other industries too, such as telecommunications, health, food and beverages, and commercial buildings,” says Claassen.

“Our strategic partnership with a leading global player, TMC Transformers in Italy, allows us to leverage world-class technology and expertise for application in Africa.”

Sourc and image courtesy of: Trafo Power Solutions


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