Former SGB-SMIT investor Kajo Neukirchen dies of Covid-19

Jan 7, 2021
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The former SGB-SMIT investor and top manager Karl-Josef “Kajo” Neukirchen has died at the age of 78 as a result of a coronavirus disease.

Neukirchen worked most recently in private equity as a partner in the Kajo-Neukirchen group, named after himself. Until recently, he and his son Ralph were at the helm of the Eschborn holding company, which not only invests in medium-sized companies but also in real estate. 

Neukirchen famously landed a coup with his investment in the transformer manufacturer SGB-Smit, which he took over at a low cost from RWE in the early 2000s and sold to BC Partners in 2008 at a high profit.

In addition to the IT companies Vivavis and Systema, the company’s portfolio also includes the paper manufacturer Lahn Paper, the versatile industrial supplier Seeger-Orbis and the surface finisher Surfactor. 

Mr Neukirchen leaves behind a wife, two children and four granddaughters.

Source: Finance Magazin

Photo: Schemabild und Beschilderung Transformator 12 im Umspannwerk Nr. 730 in Leinau, Gemeinde Pforzen / Ordercrazy / CC0 / Wikipedia


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