DIP energises seventh DEWA substation

Jan 13, 2021
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Dubai Investments Park (DIP) has energised it’s seventh DEWA substation, increasing the power generation capacity across DIP by 16.66 percent.

The new the 132/11 kV (Kilovolt) gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) substation, located in DIP 1, brings DIP’s total power load to 1050 megavolt-amperes (MVA).

Set up by a DEWA-approved contractor and a specialist in the field of 132 kV substation projects worldwide, the contract covered the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the 132/11kV substation.

Commenting on the successful operation of the substation, Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager, Dubai Investments Park, said, “This project is part of DIP’s relentless pursuit to enhance and provide advanced and integrated infrastructure for electricity and water according to the highest standards of availability, reliability, efficiency, and safety. The 7th operational DEWA substation, will increase transformation capacity, boost the efficiency of power grids in the area, and enhance power capacity, facilitating improved services to existing tenants and new tenants and is in line with the sustainable development needs of DIP.”

The substation has a conversion capacity of 150 megavolt-amperes (MVA) with 18 kilometres of 132kV cables to connect with DEWA’s network.

The substations in DIP make electricity available to more than 10,000 tenants and sub-tenants and more than 160,000 residents, for nearly 24 hours a day.

Source and image courtesy of: Emirates News Agency


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