Transformer explosion causes blackout in Hoboken

Feb 16, 2021
Posted by Patrick Haddad

A transformer explosion has caused blackouts in Hoboken, New Jersey, leaving thousands of residents without power.

According to PSE&G, who operate the grid, the incident started in the evening around 19:30 and was weather-related. Others have speculated it was due to salt that had been lain as a precaution against the snow being washed into electrical cables by rainwater.

A tweet from mayor Ravinder Bhalla said that 5000 residents went without power during the outage.

Both the Hoboken Fire Department and PSE&G responded to outages and electrical emergencies across the city, leading to a rapid restoration of power.

Eyewitness videos appear to show a shower of sparks coming out of the ground at a junction, as can be seen here:

Source: ABC7

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Hoboken, NJ / D Ramey Logan / Wikimedia / CC BY 4.0


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