Toshiba Hamakawasaki Operations resumes production activity in Q2 2021

May 7, 2021
Posted by Staff

According to German data provider, the factory activity (i.e. number of working employees) at the Japanese Toshiba Hamakawasaki factory site has shown a decrease of 57.3% during the first quarter 2021, compared to previous fourth quarter 2020.

Starting from the first quarter 2021 (to the reporting date), a recovery back to the level of previous 4th quarter 2020 has been observed. In addition, a regular 6-day working regime has been resumed. The observations are based on the analysis of geolocation data.

Toshiba Hamakawasaki Operations/factory (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation; Toshiba Corp; TOSBF:US) located in Kanagawa, Japan has founded in 1962, and has been developing and manufacturing transmission and distribution products (i.e. large power transformers) which is necessary to a reliable electricity supply. is a world leading data provider for factory observations. It helps its clients to monitor utilization rates and activity levels of potentially more than 3 million industrial sites globally. declares that, despite aiming to deliver the most accurate and reliable data, it cannot be excluded that observations in the data might be caused or influenced by any external factors, and hence any inaccuracy.


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