Do you need a translator when you talk with buyers?

Jul 29, 2021
Posted by Staff

Discover how marketing translates your message when you are talking with a buyer.

A guest post by Samuele Barrili, Founder of Marketing Interim Managers LLC.

I know that it seems strange but it’s not your fault.

Let me explain.

You and your company are very focused on what you are doing and that is very important. Usually inside your company the jargon used is technical jargon done by words like laminations, no load losses, cast resin, insulators, M0H, Laser 0.23 and a lot of more detailed words.

But are you sure that on the other side the buyer understands what you are saying?

I know that is part of his role but do you have an idea of many things he or she follows?

In most cases he/she is responsible for all the purchases of the company and only in a few cases he/she is responsible for the purchase of the transformers or for the components.

That means that usually his/her approach is focused on the common things between the different offers in his/her table. As you can imagine the common things could be the data in the technical data sheet and the prices.

What about your innovative fan solution?

What about your innovative system to decrease the oil temperature faster than the others?  

These things will not be evaluated.

I know that you inserted some images in your virtual presentation but that images are riches of technical terms that need a technical explanation or to be researched on google.

He/she has no time to do the research and the technical dept. is very busy and is not interested in helping him/her.

Due to that the buyer prefers to reduce the “risk” going on the typical solution that protects him/her against the possible complaints of the technical dept or the boss of the company.

Unfortunately you and your company lose time and money two times:

— The first one is because you spent time and money in R&D to study a new system that no one appreciate;

— The second one is because the buyers don’t appreciate that kind of innovation and they are not interested in paying for this different technology.

But there is a solution.

This solution is called marketing.

Don’t worry I’m not talking about monkeys or about bears that dance on your transformer.
Not, nothing similar to that.

I’m talking about the process that translates the technical specifications into characteristics that the buyers could easily understand.

It’s a process similar to a translation from a language to another language as an example from Italian to English or from French to English.

Think for one moment what happens when you read a word in a different language.
Your brain searches for a solution in your know-how but if it doesn’t find it, starts asking for your help. That help could be the research of a translator or a google research.

Marketing does the same work of the translator and google helping the buyers to understand why your product could better fit for his/her problem than the other products.

Do you want to help your clients with your products?

Do it thanks to the marketing.


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