Real-time monitoring the uncertainties: Gigafactory Berlin

Oct 27, 2021
Posted by Staff

What if you can monitor the activity of a construction site and the subsequent finished factory remotely?

According to the German data provider, an increase of the real-world activity (e.g. number of working employees and up/downtime) in the under-construction Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg (Giga Berlin) has been observed due to the active activity during the County Fair “Gigafest” on October 9, 2021, Saturday.

Unlike the already-started test operation in the newly finished Giga Texas, the start of Tesla Giga Berlin producing Model Y will be delayed by at least another month due to the repeat discussion with the Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment for the final permit.

The expected start of production in July 2021 has been postponed to the end of 2021, and now with even more uncertainties.

To closely track its immediate development, German industrial intelligence data provider offers an exclusive and comprehensive monitoring service on this 8 billion EUR plant based on its real-world activity.

Giga Berlin is Tesla’s first manufacturing location in Europe. It will produce Model Y and Li-ion battery cells that will accelerate the shift to electric vehicles in Germany and Europe. 

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA; FRA: TL0) is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in California. Current products include electric cars, battery storage solution from home to grid scale. is world’s leading data provider for factory observation. It helps its clients to monitor utilization rates and activity levels of potentially more than 3 million industrial sites globally.

Photo: Olaf Arndt / Tesla Gigafactory Grünheide / Flickr


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