Transformer replaced at Votkinsk HPP

Dec 31, 2021
Posted by Patrick Haddad

A power transformer has been replaced at the Votkinsk Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) in Russia’s Perm region.

This is already the ninth new transformer out of 11 installed at the plant. The renewal of the main transformer equipment at the power facility is planned to be fully completed in 2022.

The replaced transformer is connected to the two hydro units of Votkinsk HPP and supplies electricity and power to the 220 kV outdoor switchgear and further into the energy system via five power transmission lines. The new transformer, manufactured in Russia, has an increased capacity of 300 MVA instead of 250 MVA.

The fleet of block transformers at Votkinsk HPP includes 11 units. This equipment supplies power from the hydro generators of the Votkinsk HPP to the power grid. In addition, the plant’s autotransformers provide power transfer between power systems of different voltage classes.

Work on the replacement of transformer equipment at Votkinsk HPP is driven by the need to ensure power flows across the Ural-Centre section, to reduce operating and repair costs, to improve reliability and safety of the plant’s operations. The works are also closely related to increasing the capacity of the Votkinsk HPP as a result of the parallel replacement of hydroelectric units.

To date, autotransformer groups 3ATG, 2ATG (a total of six phases of autotransformers + one reserve phase) and the power transformer 1T have already been replaced. By the end of 2022, autotransformers 5ATG and 6ATG are planned to be replaced, which will complete the renovation of the main transformer equipment at Votkinsk HPP.

Source: EPRussia

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Votkinkaya HPP / RusHydro


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