Hitachi Energy wins C4 Energi maintenance contract

Feb 11, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The Swedish utility C4 Energi, owned by the municipality of Kristianstad, has contracted Hitachi Energy to aid in transformer maintenance.

C4 Energi recognized the importance of preventive maintenance and decided to review and increase its investment in the maintenance of transformers and other power equipment at its facilities.

“After an in-depth discussion, Hitachi Energy was able to offer the expertise we needed” says Jacob Färdig, project manager at C4 Energi, responsible for transformer maintenance.

The company needed to assess the condition of a particuar transformer before moving it.

The overall assessment of this transformer showed “red” so it was taken out of service for repairs. “In the meantime, we had to run our backup transformer while we waited for new high-voltage components. Hitachi Energy was able to get the equipment very fast and fixed the transformer, so after six weeks it was back in service. We are very grateful for the outstanding service,” says Färdig.

The cooperation between C4 Energi and Hitachi Energy continues with a condition assessment of an additional transformer and gas and oil analysis set to be carried out on all transformers.

“I went out to measure the values on the transformer, and took an oil sample for dissolved gas and oil condition analysis. Our experts at the transformer diagnostics laboratory in Ludvika, analysed it. It turned out that the bushings had poor insulation values and the three high-voltage bushings therefore needed to be replaced,” says Daniel Schönström, Service Engineer at Hitachi Energy.

Source and image: Hitachi Energy


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