Get smart about protecting your machinery and minimizing downtime

Feb 17, 2022
Posted by Staff

Whether your business is power transformers, hydraulics, or heavy machinery, Vaisala’s latest eBook helps you get smart regarding all the causes and effects of moisture in oil. Our unique approach to moisture in oil measurement allows users to monitor the water activity of the oil in real-time, which directly indicates the margin to free water formation in the oil. Unlike traditional sampling methods, which can take days or weeks to produce test results, Vaisala’s continuous measurement ensures reliable equipment performance at all times.

Vaisala’s moisture in oil transmitters utilize the HUMICAP® sensor specifically designed for oil. Our transmitters provide continuous measurement so there is no need to send samples to a testing laboratory, where the risk of contamination is much higher.

As pioneers in the field of industrial moisture detection in oil, Vaisala offers a wide variety of sensors and instruments for all potential applications and installations. Explore our MiO eBook today to learn about all our offerings!

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