New transformer installed in San Pedro

Mar 15, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Argentinian utility COOPSER has installed a new transformer in San Pedro to expand supply capacity by 5 MVA.

The task, coordinated by COOPSER’s Electrical Department, required the use of a large-capacity crane for the complex transfer of this unit, from the transport in which it arrived in San Pedro, to the platform built for its installation.

Authorities from the Board of Directors accompanied this operation at the sire where the construction of the San Pedrito III Substation is planned, which includes the installation of a 30 MVA transformer.

The transformer immersed in insulating oil brand “Tadeo Czerweny” will be connected to the network that supplies the Partido de San Pedro during the next two months, once the necessary tasks are completed.

The Board of Directors highlighted the importance of this investment made thanks to the efforts of all COOPSER partners, in a strategic location for the development of an Industrial and Agroindustrial Park, and the establishment of new ventures that require a greater response from the service electric.

Source: San Pedro Informa

Photo (for illustrative purposes); Transformatoren / Frauke Feind / Pixabay / Free for commercial use


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