SGB-SMIT and ENEXIS reduce CO2 in transformer production

Jun 2, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

SGB-SMIT has been commissioned by Dutch grid operator ENEXIS to produce a medium power transformer while generating less CO2.

The medium power transformer, currently in production at the Regensburg site, is being developed and built for the Dutch customer ENEXIS. The core of the transformer is made of steel electrical steel strip, the production of which generates only half of the CO2 emissions previously produced.

SGB-SMIT is using bluemint® Steel from thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel in the construction of the transformer.

ENEXIS is working towards the goal of achieving a CO2-neutral society by 2050. As a building block for CO2 reduction, the transformer from SGB Regensburg will soon be used in the Moerdijk substation, south of Rotterdam.

“Energy suppliers and industrial companies all over the world rely on our products. It is great added value for us and our customers that thyssenkrupp’s top grades are now also available in CO2-reduced form. This is an important step towards further decarbonization of the energy process chain,” says Holger Ketterer, Managing Director of SGB-SMIT.

“It’s also clear that the more green energy is generated and transported, the greater the importance of a climate-friendly supply chain and the use of climate-friendly materials, including green steel,” adds Ketterer.

Source and image: SGB-SMIT


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