National Grid applies for Green Link 1 substation

Jun 23, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

National Grid has submitted a planning application to Durham County Council for the onshore elements of a new High Voltage Direct Current ‘renewable energy superhighway’.

The connection will run from the Torness area in East Lothian and connect to the wider National Grid network at Hawthorn Pit in County Durham.

The project has also submitted a marine licence application to the Marine Management Organisation and Marine Scotland for SEGL1’s 176km submarine cable, the offshore element of the proposed link.

If approved, the Scotland to England Green Link 1, or SEGL1, will be an important part of National Grid’s drive to meet the UK’s net-zero energy commitments, bringing more renewable power to England’s energy network.

The onshore elements include a new converter station and substation constructed close to existing National Grid infrastructure at Hawthorn Pit, and an underground cable from a landfall point north of Seaham to Hawthorn Pit.

Neil Lyons, National Grid’s SEGL Project Director, said: “The submission of our SEGL1 planning application and marine licence application marks a significant milestone in a project that has been several years in the making. If approved and constructed, SEGL1 will play a major role in getting UK-produced renewable energy from where it is generated to the homes and businesses that need it.

Source and image: National Grid


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