Onshore substation for Rampion 2 Wind Farm planned

Jul 15, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm has selected the site for a new onshore electricity substation which would enable its connection to the national electricity network.

This follows extensive local community consultation, engineering, and environmental studies over the past year.

“We shortlisted two potential substation sites last year at Bolney Road/Kent Street and Wineham Lane North, both south of the A272 near Cowfold and Wineham.  Following detailed studies, we have decided to proceed with the Bolney Road/Kent Street site, which we have now named ‘Oakendene’, as it is near to the Oakendene Industrial Estate east of Cowfold,” said Chris Tomlinson, Development and Stakeholder Manager for Rampion 2.

“Although the site is a bit further from the existing National Grid Bolney substation, it was found to be better overall from an engineering and environmental perspective than the more constrained site at Wineham Lane North.”

This would be the only permanent above-ground structure on land in the planning proposal for the Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm, which could power over one million homes in the UK and reduce carbon emissions by around 1.8 million tonnes per year.

There will be a further project update in the autumn to report on the offshore wind farm design, which is the subject of ongoing refinement, and the onshore electricity cable route required to bring the power from the proposed wind farm to the new Oakendene substation.

All the cables would be buried underground so this would be a temporary impact during construction, as the project is committed to reinstating the land back to its former condition as soon as possible after the works.

Source: Rampion2

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Mindmühlen Energie Wind / sushmasterguest / Pixabay / Free for commercial use


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