Munderkingen substation construction complete

Jul 18, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

The construction work for Netze BW GmbH’s new substation in Munderkingen has been largely completed after a construction period of roughly a year.

All the components needed to distribute electricity to the region are already installed and ready for use, but not yet live.

On the 1,000 square meter area, the company building was erected last year, in which the switchgear and communication technology were then installed. The “heart” of the substation was also delivered and installed within the last twelve months: three transformers, each with an output of 40 megavolt amperes. Each weighs around 70 tons.

The transformers convert the electrical voltage from 110,000 volts (high voltage) to 20,000 volts (medium voltage) to distribute the electricity. Finally, all equipment was connected to one another. In the coming months, the gradual integration of the substation into the high- and medium-voltage grid is planned. Commissioning is expected to take place next spring.

The mayors of the administrative community of Munderkingen (VGM) took the achievement of this important milestone in the million-dollar project as an opportunity to visit the important network node of the regional electricity supply to find out more.

“The new substation plays a central role in the energy supply of Munderkingen as well as the surrounding communities in our administrative community. We are very impressed with what has been achieved here in such a short time. What we saw today confirms that with Netze BW we have the right partner at our side,” said Munderkingen’s mayor and chairman of the VGM association, Dr. Michael Lohner.

Thomas Stäbler, head of the Netze BW regional center in Oberschwaben, emphasizes the importance of the substation for grid stability, especially against the background of a changing energy world: “For us as a grid operator and partner of the municipalities, security of supply always has top priority. The reliable intake of electricity from renewable energies into our grids, through modern systems like this one, is an important building block for the development of a decentralized generation logic.

“By operating our more than 300 substations, we have a great deal of know-how in this area,” explains Dr. Andreas Kühner, Head of Network Development Projects at Netze BW. “However, erecting a completely new substation of this magnitude in just over a year is not every day and is a remarkable achievement. This is the result of great teamwork by everyone involved in the project.”

Source and image: Netze BW


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