Sanbian helps construct tidal-solar power station

Jul 20, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Sanbian has taken part in the completion and commissioning ceremony for the 100MW tidal-optical complementary intelligent photovoltaic power generation project of Longyuan Power of National Energy Group in Zhejiang Wenling.

It is understood that this power station is the first and the only tidal-photovoltaic complementary intelligent photovoltaic power station in China, with a total installed capacity of 100MW, designed to arrange 24 power generation units and install a total of more than 185,000 high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon double-sided modules. The power station is complementary to China’s first tidal power station – Longyuan Power Wenling Jiangxia Tidal Experimental Power Station, which makes comprehensive use of solar energy and tidal energy.

According to the introduction, the power station synchronous construction and installation of 5 MWh energy storage equipment, is the first new energy power station in Zhejiang Province to achieve “photovoltaic + energy storage” joint primary frequency control technology.

According to estimation, after Zhejiang Wenling tidal-optical complementary intelligent photovoltaic power station is put into operation, the annual average power generation hours will be 1092 hours during the operation period of 20 years, and the annual power generation capacity will be over 100 million degrees, which can meet the household electricity demand of about 30,000 urban residents for one year.

Source and image: Sanbian


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