New super grid transformer for Littlebrook substation

Aug 1, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

National Grid has begun preparations to transport a Super Grid Transformer from Tilbury Docks to its newly energised substation in Littlebrook.

The transformer is part of a wider programme to build a new substation at Littlebrook replacing the former substation that relied on a potent greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride also known as SF6. This gas is commonly used in the electrical industry to prevent short circuits and to keep the network safe and reliable.

The transformer will be transported on a very large specialist vehicle (58m in length, roughly equivalent to half a football pitch), travelling at a maximum speed of 20mph.

It is expected that the transformer will be delivered to Littlebrook Substation by approximately 9 pm.

The route has been carefully planned in collaboration with local highway authorities to minimise disruption and those directly affected have been informed. Residents and businesses along the route have been advised to avoid parking on the road while the transporter convoy passes their property. Individuals planning to travel along the route of the transformer movement are recommended to try to find alternative routes or allow additional journey time.

Richard Morris, project engineer for National Grid says: “This transformer movement has been many months in the planning, and we’ve worked hard to try and minimise any disruption deliveries of this kind can cause. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of the local community during this vital movement.”

The vehicle will have a police escort to help manage traffic and some street furniture along Rennie Drive will be temporarily removed, including a pedestrian crossing to ensure the transporter convoy is able to progress safely.

Source and image: National Grid


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