Hechingen-Weilheim substation gets eco upgrade

Aug 18, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Netze BW has turned the Hechingen-Weilheim substation into an insect-friendly ‘buzzstation’.

Netze BW teamed up with the Blühende Landschaft network three years ago to implement this goal. Together they want to turn the company’s substations into small, flourishing oases for wild bees, bumblebees, and the like – into so-called “buzzstations”.

Since then, colorful, species-rich flower meadows have been planted on previously unused areas in around 40 of the more than 300 substations of Netze BW. And every year there are more. With the substation in Hechingen-Weilheim, a “buzzstation” was also added here in the region this summer. In the next few years, an insect-friendly nutrient-poor lawn with many types of flowers is to develop on the site – for which only regional seeds were used.

“In the substations, the voltage that is made available via the large, national power lines is stepped down for onward distribution over the area,” explains Andreas Herre from Netze BW. “In addition to the transformers and switching devices required for this, there are often green areas that we keep free for expansion, for example,” continues the Head of Network Operations South.

With these meadows, which can have an area of ​​700 to 10,000 square meters depending on the location, biodiversity is now to be promoted. In this context, Herre refers to the state’s sustainability charter, which Netze BW signed in 2020, and the company’s self-image reflected in it: “We take our ecological and social responsibility seriously.”

Source and image: Netze BW


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