ANDE starts work on María Auxiliadora Substation

Aug 23, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Paraguayan utility ANDE has officially begun the construction works of the future María Auxiliadora Substation.

This new substation will triple the availability of power and thus provide greater quality and reliability in the electricity supply to 30,000 users in the districts of Tomás Romero Pereira, Edelira and San Rafael del Paraná. It will also help supply several other departments, including Alto Paraná, where 38 industries are located, with the possibility of installing other industrial plants in the area, which will take advantage of the total power of 83 MVA of the future Substation.

The aforementioned project has an investment of over $25 million and was awarded through International Public Tender No. 1596/2020 to the María Auxiliadora Consortium (July 14 SA -Tecno Plus Engineering SA) and OCHO A SA, with financing from the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF).

The construction work of the future Substation contemplates the construction of a 220 kV patio, with two transformer positions of 41.6 MVA each, totalling 83 MVA of power, and all the equipment for maneuvering, measurement, protection, control, communication and auxiliary services necessary for its proper functioning. In addition to the supply and assembly of 23 cells of 23,000 Volts, with availability for 14 feeders, and the construction of 4 feeder outlets, with 10 kilometres of protected line.

On top of this, the construction of a 220 kV overhead Transmission line, simple three, with an extension of 90 km is planned, which will connect the María Auxiliadora Substation with the Santa Rita Substation.

The contract also includes the expansion of the Santa Rita Substation (under construction), located in the department of Alto Paraná, where the assembly of a 41.6 MVA power transformer is planned, as well as the availability of 7 new cells for feeders.

Source and image: ANDE


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