World’s first 500kV ester-filled transformer

Aug 31, 2022
Posted by Patrick Haddad

Shandong Power Equipment Company (SPECO) has successfully developed the world’s first 500kV ester-filled transformer.

The natural ester used in the transformer is MIDEL eN 1204, a fire safe, biodegradable fluid derived from rapeseed crops.

The unit has successfully passed all type tests, which were monitored by the Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. SPECO is a subsidiary of Shandong Electric Group Co., Ltd.

The 500kV/400MVA transformer is the result of a long-term technical cooperation initiative between SPECO, UK manufacturer M&I Materials, and insulation specialist company Longevis. The group’s aim was to transition the use of ester fluid from small capacity/low voltage transformers to large capacity/ultra-high voltage units.

Ester transformer fluid has a fire point higher than 300℃, is K class, and is biodegradable. Compared with traditional insulating fluid (mineral oil), it has better safety and environmental protection characteristics, longer service life, lower maintenance cost, and stronger overload capacity.

SPECO is actively looking to further deploy natural esters, including offshore wind power and HVDC projects and will continue to focus on the further development of HVDC light converter transformers. The successful development of the 500kV natural ester transformer has strengthened Shandong Electrician’s product portfolio and enhanced its market competitiveness.

Source and image: Midel


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