Trafo Power Solutions challenged by US gold mine order

Nov 15, 2022
Posted by Staff

Dry-type transformer company Trafo Power Solutions has announced it was asked to supply three units to an underground South African gold mine, which “was given a hill to climb in terms of design and logistics”. 

The mine required the transformers to operate in the usual demanding conditions of dust, moisture and heat, says Trafo Power Solutions managing director David Claassen. However, there were a range of other challenges – not least the weight and height restrictions of a deep mine. While two of the transformers are relatively small – 250 kVA and 630 kVA – the third is a substantial 3150 kVA.

“The transformers are to operate at about 1km below surface, and will have to be transported through both an incline shaft and vertical shaft,” says Claassen. “Especially with the larger unit, we had to work very closely with our Italian technology partner TMC to reach a design that could be moved within these constraints.”

Trafo Power Solutions also designed the enclosures locally, in a manner that would allow them to be transported in manageable components before being re-assembled underground. The enclosure design had to ensure that while dust and moisture were kept out, there was still enough air circulation to cool the unit. The dry-type transformers will be supplying loads for a refrigeration plant. 

Source / image: Trafo Power Solutions


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