Think tank: U.S. vulnerable due to shortage in power transformers

Jan 23, 2023
Posted by Staff

The United States should spur the supply of transformers by investing in domestic transformer manufacturing and workforce development, U.S.-based think tank Niskanen Center recommends in a news statement.

The national electric grid forms the bedrock of the American economy, but it suffers from dangerous vulnerabilities, Niskanen says. One of them is a shortage of transformers — the voltage-converters critical to electrical transmission and distribution.

These shortfalls hamper our national energy policy and the path to building a sustainable grid. Ensuring a robust reserve of transformers is a simple first step to support grid resilience and allow for the buildout of electric infrastructure that would enable cleaner and greener power. In the process, such a stockpile would bolster domestic manufacturing, spur job creation, and strengthen national security. 

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